The Mission


Clinical Assay Design

Strategic Biosciences develops and licenses unique clinical screening and diagnostic assays.  Thus far we have designed and implemented assays for cardiovascular risk, diabetes, fatty liver disease, infectious disease, periodontal disease, neuroinflammation and POCT in veterinary practices  Our scientific and medical team can help with the initial proof of principal and also with the actual implementation of the assay into your laboratory or clinical practice.


Scientific Consulting

Strategic Biosciences is a biomedical consulting and scientific venture to develop innovative solutions to complex biological problems. Focus is on infectious disease, prevention medicine, neurooncology, inflammation and biofuel model systems. In addition to development, we can also help with your manuscript writing and editing.


Infectious Disease Consulting

Dr. Dave Vigerust has 25 years of experience in virology, bacteriology and immunology.  His focus is on Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, STD and Wound Pathogenesis and clinical testing. Dr. Vigerust is available to consult with validations, testing interpretations, and scientific medical advisory.